The  EyesOnAmericaPortrait Project  (EOA)is an art undertaking celebrating the beauty, uniqueness, and depth of American diversity. 

For EOA, I am creating portraits of various Americans from all walks of life, each containing  a repeated design pattern infused into the composition.  Designs are based on patterns found in nature and used to symbolize the strength of the universal human condition despite the efforts of some to divide us or even eradicate us. 

Please note that once  the series is complete, I will be exhibiting the portraits in a venue (or venues) TBA and that 25% of ALL proceeds will go directly to the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) - 

If YOU would like to be a part of the series, you can either pose for me in my studio and/or provide me with  a detailed photo, which I can also take.  All participants will receive a signed reproduction of their portrait. Those wishing to purchase the original portrait may do so at *50% off the gallery price and agree to and sign-off on the following terms:

For any original portrait purchased, the owner will agree, in writing, to loan their portrait to a venue that will exhibit the series. (The work will be accompanied by a label stating, "On Loan from the Private Collection of Your Name.") The purpose of this agreement is to maintain the integrity of the series by keeping it in tact. 

If you are interested in being a part of EOA, please call Maxine Nodel at:  914-987-5118 or email her at:

*25% of all proceeds will still be donated to the ADL in both our names. All donations are tax deductible.



Portrait Project